Game Rules
11. Player relationship

As in real life, a player´s relationships are a vital part of any football team, mainly those between teammates. In Footstar we´ve developed a model that pretends to simulate these so important relationships. This aspect of the game is divided in two different parts: the direct interactions and the press interactions (or indirect interactions, as you wish). Inside the direct interactions we have interactions between friends and players in same location.

Press Interactions
These types of interactions can´t be made directly. To issue an interview to the press about a player you should go to his details page and select the "Give an Interview" option on the right information box. You´ll be taken to a page where you can select one of several available pre-defined statements. As you can see on that page the statements are shown in different colours: red indicates negative statements (critics), green are positive statements (praises). Each one of these statements, depending on their category, have relationship points associated: the negative will affect negatively your relationship with the player while the positive will improve positively your relationship. You might be asking: isn´t this a direct interaction? The answer is no. Why? Because when you issue a statement the relationships points won´t be affected at that exact moment. All statements will be saved until the newspapers are generated on Fridays morning. At that time, the most important ones will be chosen to be printed and only these will affect the relationships. This also means that some statements might not be published. Just imagine it as if you talked to a reporter but on the following day he threw your interview to the garbage, because he found a more relevant story to follow.

To ensure we have a lot of statements published, there are several newspapers available: you have a global newspaper where the most important statements/news will be published; on a second level of importance there are the country newspapers and finally on the bottom level, the city newspapers. News published on a higher level cannot be published in lower levels. This means that if, for example, a story is published on the global newspaper, it won´t be published also on a country or city newspaper. However you can have a different statement published in two newspapers of the same level; the example is simple: player 1 is playing in Portugal and issues a statement about a player playing in Spain. If the statement is not important enough to be released in the global newspaper but important enough to be released in a country newspaper, it will be published both in Portuguese and Spanish newspapers. And by the rules of newspapers it won´t then be published on a city newspaper.

Another doubt you might have by now is how we define the level of importance a statements has. Basically each player has a global reputation inside the game: the level of importance is defined by the average value of the reputation of the two players involved.

A final comment to mention that you cannot issue more than 3 statements or more than one statement about a certain player per week. Also, as you already have the chance to interact a lot more with for your teammates directly (as you´ll understand below) press statements about your teammates will only have 50% of the effect on the relationship the interaction would have if we´re talking about two players from different teams.

Newspapers can be found at Community >> Press at the top menu.

Direct Interactions
Direct Interactions can be made by any human controlled player to another human controlled player. To do it, just go to the player´s details page and select the "Interact with Player" option on the right information box. After that you´ll be taken to a page where you can select one amongst several interactions. Also in this page you can check your level of friendship/enmity with that player.

Just as Press Interactions, these direct interactions will also have positive or negative impacts on the players´ relationship. Colours will also be used to make a distinction between effects. Some interactions won´t be visible until you have certain levels of friendship or enmity. This means that you should invest in your relationships so that you can take them to higher levels of interaction.

Another (really) interesting part of relationships is when you try to interact with players playing in cities other than yours. To communicate directly with them, you have to be friends.

Each direct interaction has a different effect on the relationship; each one gives it a different value of relationship points. However you might not get the max. value for an interaction, if some requirements are not met. Let´s explain; imagine one case: player 1 is Chinese and he´s playing in Portugal with player 2. Player 2 is Spanish. Both players have a low adaptability value to Portugal. Player 1 has small knowledge of life in Spain, and player 2 has also little knowledge about China. This means that the interactions between these two players will have a small impact, as they can´t understand each other or communicate very well. However, with time, both players will become more and more adapted to the Portuguese lifestyle and then their future interactions will become more and more effective.
So when you´re interacting with a player you should get informed about:
- The adaptability level to the country you´re both playing (if you´re playing in the same country. If not, you should ignore this part);
- Your adaptability to his native country;
- His adaptability to your native country.
The higher all these values are, the more effective the interaction will be.

Teammate´s interactions are the only interactions where you can get the full relationship points. If you´re interacting with players that are not your teammates, even if you get 100% of the previous "formula", you´ll be only be given 75% of the max. value. An example: a particular interaction is worth 1 relationship point. If you´re interacting with someone that is not your teammate the value will be reduced to 0,75. And then the last formula will be applied over this value. This is only valid for positive interactions.

All direct interactions are deleted daily at 0:00 (server time). But only the interactions get deleted, not their effect. This is done so that you can only make one of each kind of interactions daily (from 0.00 to 0.00 of next day).

A final mention on players´ personalities. There are two types: You can either be a "Nice guy" or an "Arrogant" person. This will have a small influence in direct interactions. If you´re interacting with a "Nice guy" player, your positive interactions will get a small bonus. However if you´re interacting with an arrogant player, positive interactions will be a little less effective and negative interactions will also be a little more negative.

Interactions with Teammates
This is a key feature of the game. If you don´t relate positively with your teammates your morale is likely to decrease over time. Everyday at 0:00 (server time) your average level of relationship with your teammates is checked in order to update your player morale accordingly. You can know this value by visiting the Player >> Relationships option available on the top menu. The lower the value, the more your morale is likely to drop. And, on the other hand, if the value is high enough, you´ll get a morale bonus instead.

Interactions with friends over time
As time goes by, player´s relationships tend to disappear if there are no interactions between them. For a relationship to remain steady, it´s required that both players invest on the relationship. If only one player tries to keep the relationship it´s likely that, sooner or later, it will eventually disappear. These updates are made daily so you if you want to keep your relationships alive you should have the responsibility to maintain it as active as possible. This is even more valid for friendship relationships, as enmity relationships decrease a little slower. On player->relationships page you need to set some percent to your friends to keep relationships with them high as possible. Higher level of relationship made your interactions more efficient.

Adaptability Interactions/Talk about a country
Please read section “Player Psychology” for more details about this particular feature.

Players also have the possibility to meet and interact with (girl) friends and later develop relationships with them.

Player´s families play an important role in the game. Players should ensure they keep a good relationship with their family or they risk suffering major morale drops. The negative impact will be bigger as lower the relationship with your family becomes. Good option is rise relationship with family to 100% and then set automatic relations at 1%

Daily Interaction Limit
All players have a limited number of interactions they´ll be able to do each day. This will be controlled by "interaction points". By default all players will start with 150 points every day: then, during the day, they´ll be able to spend these points between their family, girls and friends (including teammates). Everyday you socialize on training (at 0:00) you will get another 150 points. All automatic interactions are made during daily update (before training at 8:00)

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