Game Rules
24. Community

Our aim is to have a big, active and interesting community. You can count on us to provide you the tools to improve and expand the community but it´s really up to you to make it happen. You have our word that we´ll be actively present on the game forums, reading all the important stuff you write to us. Although, please do not expect us to answer everything you write us, it´s really impossible due to time issues, though we´d love to do it.

We have Development Blog, Development News page, FS Administration Wall page for Official Comunication and of course Internal Forums where you can communicate with all the other users. The forums work by subscription mode: for you to have access to a forum, you must subscribe it. The first page after you click on Community >> Forums is the configuration page. You can take a look on your pre-defined forums and subscribe to as many more as you wish.

You should however remember that we have some rules you must respect if you want to take part of our user community. We´ll talk about them at the further sections of this manual.

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