Game Rules
8. Training

Training is a really important part of FootStar. The first thing you need to know is that you should set your training schedule as fast as you can. You cannot forget to set your training or you will lose "time...and skills".

Training is done in "sessions". There are 3 training sessions every day which start at 00:00, 8:00 and 16:00 FS time. The training session usually take around half of hour although the exact time depends on server load. During that time a player is not allowed to change his training.

Training in Human Teams
In FS there are two types of training: Individual Training (IT) and Team Training (TT).
Every player is able to set his own training on a training page, however every manager of a human team is able to set a team training. During the training session it is checked if a player is training the same skill as a team and if he does, a player trains at full potential, but if the player training is different from training the manager has set, the player gets 75% of training + xx% as bonus. This bonus-% depends by team's training facilities (more info in the next lines)

Let's explain with 2 examples:
- At a training session player has chosen to train Positioning, but his manager at the same session has set team training to Technique. The player will get 75% of maximum finishing training (the exact value also depends on player fitness and training facilities) and will not get any technique training
- At a training session player has chosen to train technique - the same skill his manager has set on team training - the player will get full technique training (the value can be decreased by low fitness of a player).

As we said, if a player trains different skill than a team he uses the so called "Individual training" usually referred to as IT, and if a player trains the same skill as a team he uses the team training, usually referred to as TT. One important thing is that in order to train the same skill as a team the player has to be in the same location (city) as the team. If a player travels to a different city (to play in NT for example) using team training is impossible and the player gets individual training even if he sets his personal training to the same as his team training is.

There's another difference between IT and TT: a player looses -1 fitness per session with IT and -2 fitness per session with TT. This difference is a very important thing in fitness managing for fitness calculation.

The penalties on training are only applied for technical and physical skill training, it is not applied to other training (fitness, side, position, having fun). However, a manager does not have a possibility to set team training to fitness, side, position or having so this rule is rather irrelevant.

Training facilities
You can find it going to: Manager > Club > Training Ground. As we said in the previous lines, this is a very important feature for players' training. Better structures will give bigger bonuses to players who don't follow the team training. This structure has 2 upgradable characteristic: Quality and Size. Let us explain.

We have 5 quality-levels. Each levels give a progressive bonus on IT training:
- Level 1 costs 7.500 €/week (price increase 20% last level)
- Level 2 costs 9.000 €/week
- Level 3 costs 10.800 €/week
- Level 4 costs 12.960 €/week
- Level 5 costs 15.552 € /week

There are also 2 "size levels":
- Level 1 (30 players)
- Level 2 (60 players) - it costs 8000€/week

So, the weekly cost (paid at the economic updates) for training grounds will go from 7500€ for the first level to 15552€ for the last level, with a 20% rise between each level. In order to raise a level you’ll have to pay a set-up fee that is equal to the weekly fee of the level you’re building. If you want to increase your training ground in order to hold 60 players, there will be an extra cost of 8000€ per week/economic update.
Size level will affect the number of players that can use the TFs (2 levels). 30 players is the max. size for the fist level. If a team (including youth teams) has more than 30 players then the bonus will be reduced in order to fit all players.

Training IT without any TF is equal to 75% of TT.
Training with TF(lv 5) is about 84,5% of TT.

Training in a bot team or regional league
Bot teams don't have a manager and thus players in those teams do not get team training, however the penalty for using IT in bot teams is reduced and players get 85% of maximum training if they train field player skill and get 80% of maximum training for goalkeeper skills. The fitness loss in bot teams is always -2 per session and it does not depend on the skill a player trains. If a player does not have a team he does not train at all, but free players have the possibility to join the regional league where they get the same training as in a bot team.

Penalties and bonuses
There are two types of possible bonuses: bonus for training same skill in a row and training facility bonus (as we said).

- Bonus for training same skill in a row: A player gets this bonus if he trains the same skill two or three sessions in a row. The bonus for three sessions in a row is higher than the bonus for two session in a row. The important thing is that a player gets these bonuses only if trains the same skill in a row on the same day, it means that the bonus for two sessions in a row is not applied if a player trains a skill on the last session of one day and on the first session of the next day. These bonuses are not applied to side or position training and to having fun training. The bonuses for fitness training are seen immediately - 2nd session in a row gives +2 and 3rd session in a row gives +4 (+6 in total if a player does 3 fitness training sessions in a row). However the bonuses for skill training were never revealed or confirmed by the admins - there are some theories and calculations done by users of FS and this information is presented in common knowledge about training. This bonus is applied to both - TT and IT.
- Training facility bonus: it's applied only if a player is using an individual training. The default penalty for using individual training and not following team training is -25%, however this penalty can be reduced with training facility bonus. There are 5 levels of training facilities and each level give a higher bonus than the previous one. Exact values of bonuses were never revealed or confirmed by admins, but there are some theories. Training facility is built and maintained by a team. The players have no direct influence over this issue. Bot teams do not have a manager and that's why training facility cannot be used in a bot team. The training facility has no other effect on player training - it does not increase fitness losses.

There are 4 types of penalties on training: the first is a penalty when a player individually trains a different skill than his team (this has already been described in this article in a section Team training and Individual training. The other 3 types of penalties are aged based training penalty, low fitness penalty and "above 75 skill points penalty".

- Age based training penalty: as a player ages his training slows down. This penalty is not applied to 17-20 year old players, but players from 21 year old always get this penalty. The penalty is always the same: the maximum possible training is reduced by 25% every year. The 25% are calculated of the maximum value of the previous year, not of the maximum possible value overall and that means that maximum training value never reaches 0. There's no way to avoid this penalty or reduce it.
- Low fitness penalty: if a player wants to get a maximum possible training using team training is not enough. The player also has to train with fitness at 90% or higher. If a player trains with lower fitness he gets a penalty on training. This penalty depends on two variables: fitness level (the lower the fitness the higher the penalty) and skill level (the higher the skill the higher the penalty).
- "Above 75 skill points" penalty: Once any of player's skills get to 75..this skill will start to increase at a smaller pace and it will be increasingly harder as you scale up to 100. Each time your skill increase (above 75 of course) it will be harder to get to the next skill. Up until 75, there is no penalty.

Checking training progress
On a training page there's a progress-bar who inform you about your progression for next pop. That bar is updated after each training session. On this page you can also see the exact day of a skill-pop.
There is also a "Player log", a special page accessible from a right side menu. On this page all events of a player life are recorded and it also contains information about training. Player log will not show what skill was trained, but it shows the exact time of skill change whenever it happens.

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