Game Rules
15. Teams

As players, teams can also be controlled by humans or by the server (Bot-teams). In human-controlled teams, human players have an additional challenge as they´ll have to deal with a real manager. There are 2 kinds of human-controlled teams: protected and unprotected teams. Here are the main features and differences between these teams.

Bot teams:
- They aren´t controlled by a human player, they are controlled by the computer
- They can be recognized by having a blue flag next to their name
- They don´t have team training, though you´ll lose 2% fitness in your individual training
- Their individual training is slightly better than the individual training in a human controlled team but not better than the team training in human controlled teams
- They can be taken over by a human player at any time
- Human players can´t control if they are going to play the games. Still, BOT teams usually choose their human controlled players first when setting up the team for a match, playing them to their best of their ability in the position the player plays best
- In BOT teams, the wage is fixed to 300€ for every player

Human managed protected teams:
-They are controlled by a human player with a FS fan gold
- They can be recognized by having their name written in a bold letter
- The human manager can choose a team training, which is better than an individual training
- Though their individual training is slightly worse than in a BOT team, the manager can improve the training grounds which improves the individual training.
- They can´t be taken over by any player
- The manager can virtually control every part of the team management
- In human protected teams the manager can set the player wages

Human managed unprotected teams:
- They are controlled by a human player without a FS fan gold
- They can be recognized by having a red flag next to their name
- The human manager can´t set freely the team training. It can only be changed once a week and there will be a list of 10 team trainings that will cover all the possibilities considered important for this teams. Despite this, the team training is better than individual training
- Though their individual training is slightly worse than in a BOT team, the manager can improve the training grounds which improves the individual training
- They can be taken over or handed to a human player with a FS fan gold
- There are some restrictions for the team management that are listed in chapter 19 (Team Management). This restrictions were created because the FS fan gold users are very important for the game and in this way, there will still be an advantage in having the FS fan gold
- In human unprotected teams the players have a fixed wage depending on the team´s division

Each team has its own number of supporters. The number of supporters a team has will directly influence match attendances. The only way to increase your number of supporters is to win matches and/or trophies, as much in a row as you can.

Here are some more details about supporters:
Every division has a default average number of supporters (30000 for the first division and 5000 less for each division below). This number affects the amount of supporters you win on a weekly basis. This average number will also vary depending on standings. The top positions will give you an higher average and lower positions will give you a smaller average. Simple as that.
When a team is promoted it has a gain of 1000 supporters for the promotion alone. There´s also a bonus equal to 75% of the difference between the average number of supporters of the new division and the current number of supporters the team has. This last calculation is made after the promotion bonus is awarded.
When a team is relegated there´s a supporter penalization as follow: 75% of the difference between the current number of supporters the team has and the average for the new division.
There will be supporters bonus for the ITC Competition (3000), for the National Champion (2500), for the Cup Winner (2000) and for the Cup runner-up (500).

Here’s the average number of supporters for each division:
First: 30000;
Second: 25000;
Third: 20000;
Fourth: 15000;
Fifth (and below): 10000

15.2 - B TEAMS
B Teams, as name said, are connected to "Main Team" and, playing in lower division of the National League system, represent an additional step in the formation of young player as they leave U19 teams still not ready to play in the main teams. There is a cost to create a B Team (5 millions €) and this cost can be shared by the team and their players (at least 20 different players are required to complete the funding process). Creation process can be started going on Manager menu > Team Facilities.

Here are all the remaining details of this feature:
- B Teams will be named "
B". This might differ from language to language, depending on what is most used in your country/language.
- B teams are not available for countries with only one division. The system will not check if there are available bot teams / unprotected teams in the league system. Once your funding process is completed, you’ll have to check for available teams. This will work in a first come, first serve, meaning that the first teams to complete funding can grab any of the existing teams.
- B Teams can never play in the same division of the main team. If, due to promotion/relegation, teams are put in the same division, the B Team will be relegated to the immediate lower division. If there are no divisions available, the B Team will be disbanded and all players placed in the main team.
- B Teams can take part in the cup but cannot advance to the next round if they win a match. Unless they face a Bot Team or another B Team, which in that case the B Team that wins the match will advance.
- B Teams can have youth teams but cannot have their own B Teams.
- B Teams have their own finances, stadium, transfers, player contracts, etc.
- The B Team manager can be same manager of the main team (there is a "Team Control" page at the Character menu) but the main team manager can nominate a player from the B Team to take control of the team or a retired manager that is not managing a club.
- Managing B Teams does NOT require FS Fan.
- The Main Team manager cannot control the B team if it’s assigned to any other player but he can fire/appoint himself or any other player at any time he wants.
- Players can be freely moved between the B Team and the main Team but there are two rules: you can only move once every 7 days and the manager of the B Team cannot be moved out of the squad. Players can be moved from the squads ONLY by the main team manager.
- B Teams can only be created in the same league system / country of the main team.
- B Teams need to respect foreign manager rules. If you have a foreign team and the number of foreign teams is already exceeded, then you cannot create more additional teams, therefore you cannot create a B Team in the country.
- Main Team and B Team can see their respective Team Forums and can read/write on them without restriction.

In what concerns everything else, B Teams are just like regular teams.

Youth Teams (YTs from now on) focus one age range: U19 players. This means that players with 17, 18 and 19 years old are eligible to play youth matches. At the moment a player "celebrates" his 20th anniversary, loses the possibility to play youth matches.

All Teams can create its Youth Team and it´s quite easy. The manager of the main team (MT from now on) has an option in the information page of his team to create the YT. The manager then needs to set 3 simple options to create the team: YT Stadium Name (a new stadium will be created for the youth matches to be played in, with 1000 seats as default), YT Manager and the number of bot players to fill the team with. This last option allow you to start immediately participating in youth leagues if you don´t have enough U19 players in your current squad. Then, later, once you put some real human players in the YT, these bot players will disappear from the team automatically.

YTs cannot have customized names. Their name consist of the (short) name of the MT along with the age range description. Example: The YT of the "Beat Farms FC" team would be known as "Beat Farms FC U19".

The main team manager can be the YT manager at the same time. However, if the main team manager wants to appoint another manager to the YT, the potential manager needs to be a player of the team and at least be a FS Fan Silver (Gold is eligible as well, naturally). The YT manager doesn´t need to be a player of the youth team to play the manager role.

The MT manager still has access to all the managerial options in the YT, even if the YT has a different manager.
There is a full separation between the main and the youth team regarding players. The only exception is the team forum, that´s shared by all players of both teams.

YTs work as a "dependency" of the main Team, this means sharing the same finances but generating its own income, such as gate receipts and competitions prizes.

YTs are not mandatory. It’s up to the MT manager to decide whether he wants to create a YT or not. Bot teams don´t have YTs as well.

A YT can be terminated at any time by the main manager, this unless the YT is travelling at that time. Once a YT is terminated it cannot be re-created again in the next 30 days. A terminated YT is marked as inactive. You cannot terminate your Youth Team if you are the middle of a tournament.

Inactive youth teams that are in the middle of tournaments are automatically added 11 bot players (300€ wage for these players) in order to avoid unnecessary walkovers. Once the tournament is over bot players are automatically removed from inactive Youth Teams.

YTs play on their own Youth Stadium, they have their own match kit and match prizes.

The Youth Manager can promote/demote players from/to the YT and can manage all the Youth matches related stuff. The YT manager won’t be able to buy/sell any players though. Players cannot be promoted/demoted while one of the teams is traveling. Once a player is demoted/promoted he cannot change squads again in the next 7 days. Of course u19 player(s) who play friendly/cup matches with main team can be sent immediately to youth squads once the match is completed without having to wait 7 days

Match ticket prices and attendances
The ticket price is 6€ per attendee, however, there’s a "catch": attendances might be reduced to as up as 50% if your team doesn’t field 11 human players. This means that fielding 11 bot players will cause your youth team’s home matches attendance to drop to 50% of what they might have reached, and fielding half-team composed of bots causes the attendances to drop to around 75%. This is a measure to promote those teams that really invest in their youth teams for real.

Training in Youth Teams
YTs have their own team training for their players. This training has exactly the same effect as the main team training.
To prevent abuse, youth teams that didn’t play a single match in the previous 21 days won’t have team training (this also means that once you create a team you have 21 days to start playing matches). Also to prevent abuse, once you re-start a YT, it doesn’t have team training before you start playing matches again. This last rule is not enforced if you are starting a completely new team though. To protect players in YTs from inactive managers, players are able to move to the main squad by themselves in case the youth team is out of team training (by selecting an existing option at the training page).

Youth Team Competition Details
There are 2 kind of "YT Tournaments": YT tournaments created by "normal" users and YT tournaments created by President of National Federation. Let us explain, step by step:

YT tournaments created by normal users have a lot of options:
- Two different formats: Knock-out (up to 4,8,16,32 teams) or League (4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18 teams)
- Set the max. number of allowed substitutions in the tournament games (from 3 to 11)
- Allow the tournament to re-start automatically once it ends. These tournaments will have their own "seasons".
- In League tournaments, the founder can set how many times teams can face each other (called rounds). 1 to 4 rounds can be selected.
- Tournaments can be public or private. Private tournaments require a password for the application.
- A subscription fee can be set for all the participating teams. The value will later be split at the end of the tournament by the top four teams. 60% for the winner, 25% for the runner-up, 10% for the third and 5% to the fourth placed team.

There are some special rules in order to avoid having teams locked playing inactive tournaments. For example, during a tournament, teams can vote in order to end it immediately. If more than 50% of the teams vote yes, the tournament is stopped right away. Teams that leave are not refunded of their subscription fee. On the other hand, teams that stay and see a tournament being stopped unexpectedly have the full subscription fee refunded. Inactive/bot youth teams always count as if they would have voted yes (leave the tournament) but a tournament will never be cancelled if there isn’t, at least, one "yes vote" from an active/human YT.

In tournaments that are set to re-start at the end, teams have an option to leave at the end of the current "season". Once the tournament season ends, these teams will automatically leave and the tournament will be put on hold until possible replacements arrive. In case the founder is set to leave, the tournament will end automatically at the end of the season.

Presidents of the National Federations have the possibility of creating an official U19 league structure for their country. Here are the full details of these leagues:
- Only domestic youth teams can participate in the U19 national league.
- The President can set the number of divisions the league will have. These leagues will have the same league structure as the normal club leagues have at the moment: 8 teams per series. The only exception is that there won’t be playoffs. This means that on each series 2 teams will be promoted and 4 will be relegated.
- Two additional options can be set by Presidents as well: number of replacements each match can have and an entry fee for each division in the league (just like in regular tournaments). The entry fees are to be divided in the same way they are divided in tournaments. In divisions with more than one series, the award is split between all series.
- The U19 leagues can never have more divisions than the regular club leagues.
- Once the President creates the U19 league system, youth team managers can immediately apply to the league. This can always be done during the season as the President will have the possibility of replacing teams. The only exception is if a team is playing a youth tournament: in this scenario it cannot apply to the official youth league tournament.
- As said Presidents can freely populate their league system with all the teams that have applied. The slots left empty will be filled with bot teams.
- There are some rules regarding the way teams are populated in the series. In order to add teams to a lower division, the President must always fill the previous division at half of its capacity.
- If once the matches are being generated, a division only contains bot teams, it’s automatically stopped. The only exceptions are for the first two divisions. Also if there are not enough bot teams in the country to fill the empty slots of one of its series, the creation of that division is stopped.
- Matches are automatically generated at the 11st day of each season. This means that the President has only until the 10th day of the season to create/make changes on the structure of the league.
- After the 11th day of the season the President will only have permission to change bot teams with human U19 teams. Until that day (starting on the 1st day) all types of swaps can be made.
- At the end of each season all promotions/relegations are made automatically. But due to the powers entitled to the Presidents they can eventually swap teams once the season starts. It will be up to the rules each President will set for their leagues.
- There are achievements for players and cups for teams for all series winners.

Other minor features:
- YTs will be awarded with a trophy for their trophy case if they win a tournament.
- Founders can invite teams using a special tournaments’ feature.
- There will info about the top scorer, top assist and best average rating for each tournament.
- There will be a daily update for tournaments that will handle all updates related to them. Tournaments are always generated on this update, that will run around 6:00 AM (server time). For example, if the tournament owner sets the beginning of the tournament today, Monday, you will only see its fixtures on Tuesday, after 6:30 AM (roughly).

Ranking System for Youth Teams
In order to introduce an additional challenge, there is a Ranking for Youth Teams. Here’s how it works:
- Ranking points have a normal and a variable part. Normal part: 3 points for a win (2 if on penalties), 1.5 for a draw and 0 for a defeat. Variable part: a win against an higher rated team can provide up to 1.5 extra win points, depending on the difference of the ranking points of both teams.
- At the end of each regular season, ranking points will be reset for the current season. But ranking points of the previous 2 seasons will still be kept. And the sum of the current season plus the ranking points of the previous 2 seasons will be used as the full ranking points of the team and will set its final ranking. This is exactly like in National Teams!

Other Details
- YT matches are always played on weekends, at the same time of league matches for that country. For example, if a Venezuelan team plays home with an English team, the game will be played at the Venezuelan match time (this means, at 1 AM server-time).
- All U19 games (user-made tournaments and Federal tournaments) will give full exp only if a player will play at least for 60 minutes.
- YT matches provide higher experience than normal friendlies, but naturally less than senior league/cup matches.
- Fitness losses are similar as in any other FS matches.
- Youth players lose the same amount of fitness in travels as any other player would.
- Youth players travel to away games on Fridays at 7 AM (server time).
- YTs will be able to use existing MT transportation means regarding trips. This means that, if the MT has a plane, that very same plane will be used by the YT.

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