Game Rules
17. Transfers

The transfer system in FootStar is divided in 4 parts: Free transfers, Regular transfers (by auction), Loan transfers and Trial contracts.

We´ll start with free transfers.
Whenever a human-controlled player is out of contract, he´s available for any team to sign for free; this means he´s on free transfer. The only step he has to take in order to move to a new team is only to discuss the contract

The second part of the transfer system is the Regular Transfers.
There are several steps one has to go through to complete a regular transfer. First, the human manager of the team must put for sale the human-controlled player. This can be done with the player´s agreement or against the player´s will: it´s really up to the manager to decide. After the player is put on the transfer list, a deadline will be set for offers to arrive. This deadline is exactly 3 days after he is put on the list. During this time, other human managers from other teams have the possibility of making offers respecting a minimum bid price set by the player´s manager. All bids values will remain hidden in the process: this is called by as a closed auction. After the deadline expires, no more bids can be made. At that time it´s up to the player to decide if he accepts any of the bids; full contract details will be shown to the player regarding all accepted bids and he has the possibility to make the choice: either he decides to accept one offer or he might even reject all bids and remain at the club.

The third part of the transfer system is the Loan Transfers.
Human teams are able to loan players to other human teams. The concept is very simple and similar to what happens in real life. Let´s explain it:
- Players can be loaned for 4, 8, 12 or 16 weeks.
- The wage can be shared between teams. There is a "% box" in order to set this value
- A "call back" option might be set. Still, it’s only valid for loans over 4 weeks and a player must always remain at least 50% of the time of the loan before being able to be called back.
- Match prizes can be offered, as well as the possibility to pay House expenses. Players will have their prizes and all contract details restored once they return to their original club.
- A loan fee can be offered by the team that makes the offer. This fee cannot be higher than 20x the wage of the player (example, wage of 500€, max. fee would be 10000€). This value is capped at 100000€ in case the wage multiplier is bigger than this.

The fourth and last part of the transfer system is the Trial Contracts.
All Clubs have the option to automatically receive new players with trial contracts. Managers can find this option under Manager > Transfers. Here, managers can set how many players they accept (those players are included in the 50 players limit), their contract duration (7 to 30 days), wages, prizes, access to forum, etc. During the trial contract, the player can’t be approached by other teams but his manager can offer him a professional contract. If at the end of the trial contract the player hasn’t accepted any professional contract with his current club he will be a free player again.

Only free 17 years old players can accept trial contracts. Every new player on FS will be automatically approached by teams that accept players on trial.

Other features/details:
- Managers can mark players for loan or not. Offers to players unavailable for loan will be rejected automatically but the player’s manager will be informed of this fact.
- Managers can offer human players for loan to other human teams and player(s) will be informed.
- Teams can make direct loan offers for players. These offers will need to be accepted or rejected. Once a loan offer is accepted by a team, it’s up to the player to make the final decision.
- Loaned players are totally cannot receive new contract offers, cannot be sold, released or even approached by other teams.

Loans are included in the Federation Rules. This means that is up to the Federation of each country to decide the following options:
- Allow loans or not. In case loans are allowed, set the max. number of players allowed to be loaned in per team (from 1 to 10).
- Allow (or not) foreign players to be loaned in.

Only managers can vote on this election. Remember that you can only vote on elections of your national federation, even if you manage a team in another country.

Some other Informations related to Transfers
Overpriced transfers in the Transfer Market
All bids should be in relevance to what could be considered reasonable for the player in question. Overpriced transfers can ruin the good atmosphere of the game between users so our staff members will have the possibility to adjust and/or cancel transfers if they believe the good spirit of the game is at risk.

Signing restrictions
Players won´t be able to sign for the same club and/or manager for a period of at least 3 months. This includes bot clubs from the date when the changes take effect on. Examples:
- a player leaves a bot and immediately tries to sign for it again: he won´t be allowed to do that;
- a player plays for a club managed by manager X. Manager X in the meanwhile is fired (for some reason) and takes control of another club in the following weeks. The player won´t be able to sign for his old manager´s club for 3 months after the manager first left. Of course bot players cannot be transferred in any way (free transfer, loans or regular transfers).

Transfers and trips
You should know that once you set a transfer deal with a team that´s not in your current location, you´re automatically set to travel to the location of your new team.

Direct transfer offers
Players playing in human-controlled teams can be approached directly by other human-controlled teams. Then it will be up to the manager to decide whether to accept the offer or not. In case the offer is accepted the player will automatically be put on the transfer list with the minimum fee being the previously received offer. Until the end of the auction, other teams will be able to make offers (similar or higher) but the ultimate decision will obviously be from the player.
The only way to activate a minimum clause release fee is to make a direct offer to the player. Unanswered offers are deleted after 7 days of when they were created. Players will not be informed about the fees of direct offers (unless of course they´re told by their managers) but they´ll be informed once the team receives an offer and/or also when the manager rejects an offer.

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