Game Rules
5. Players

There are basically two kinds of players in FootStar: human-controlled players and Bot-players. Bot players have very low skills and their only functions are to fill up bot teams and human teams (only if there are less than 11 players in team) and to become "hosts" of human players, sooner or later. They don´t train, their fitness is always 100% and their morale/confidence is useless in matches.

Inside the game we can distinguish human players from bot players by having the human-controlled player names in bold letters.

All human controlled players will have a birthday date. This date uses the same format as the FootStar Date. You can find the birthday FS date of each player at his details page (just after his age info. Ex: 23 years (1/10)).

One thing you should really know is that your player will need a home to live in. By default, all players will start with one home in their local city (parents home). But in case you move to some other city (temporarily or not) you´ll need a place to stay during the night. Every day at 5:00 server-time the game engine will check if the player has a place to stay in the city they´re at. In case they haven´t, the player will pay a 20€ cost in order to rent a place to stay. If the player does not have the money to pay this expense, he´ll have to sleep in the streets and his morale will be affected. As this is a daily check, you should be extra careful with this or all your money and moral will be drained as time goes by. There is a way to avoid paying this cost in case you don´t have a house on a city: to have a clause in your contract that will force the team to pay the expenses for you. This is only valid for human controlled teams and in the city where the team is based. For example, lets assume you have this clause on your contract and you´re Italian, from Rome. Your team is based in Madrid and as you are Italian you would have to pay a cost to stay in Madrid every day. But in your contract it states that your team should pay this value for you, so you won´t be paying anything. However if you temporarily travel to Lisbon, while you´re in Lisbon and if you don´t own a house there you´ll have to rent a place to stay and therefore pay 20€ per day.
The only exception to this rule happens when you travel with the team for a match. While this happens the game engine will assume that the team is paying all team players these expenses so that they can play the match!

Second, Third and Fourth Slot/players
FootStar gives you the ability to control more than one player. This can be done using the FS Fan Coins and FS Fan users have the possibility to buy extra slots for a discounted price! Clearly the third slot/player costs more than the second slot/player and fourth costs more than third.
Each slot/player is valid for 365 days starting from purchasing date. This means the second/third slot must be renewed annually or made "definitive" paying an "one time" fee. If the slot(s) will not be renewed, at the expiry of 365 days the second/third/fourth slot/player will be deleted and all data will be irretrievably lost!

The rules for controlling more than one player are quite simple:
- Secondary characters have the same nationality of the main character; no other characteristics are inherited.
- Secondary characters can play in whatever team they wish, even in different teams playing the same competition. There aren´t special rules here, but imagine this case: promotions / relegations where teams are put in the same competition. To prevent spying, managers can control which players can access the team forum using the Manager >> Players menu >> Team Forum Access.
- Secondary/tertiary characters can play in National Teams. They cannot, however, be called up to a national team if another character of the same user was already called-up to the same squad (in the same National Team, for example, Portugal), the Main, U21 and U18 squads are considered different squads for this rule).
- Secondary/tertiary characters can be team managers but users with 2 ore 3 players cannot manage 2 teams at the same time. Of course any one of their characters can manage a team and they can hand management between their own characters without having to wait for the one month restriction.
- In order to know if a certain user has secondary characters, just go to the user details page (can be accessed via the player’s info page). In that page, you can find a link to all the characters that user controls.
- (Paid) Second/third/fourth characters cannot have sons.

There is a special page to allow you to switch between the characters you control. Just hover the mouse over the "User" icon at the top right of the screen and select the "Player Control" option. Alternatively, at the top of each page, you have direct links to each your players. Clicking on the name of the player you will control it. It´s very fast!

Of course you can play with different characters in Foobbuteo. But you won’t have the chance to win prizes with two different characters (in the same competition: imagine you have #1 and #2 in the daily ranking, only #1 will win the prize).

Player's son
Son is a special player which is awarded for users who managed to keep their main player till 30 years of age. Think of a son as a reward for staying with a game for multiple years. Son is not any special as an additional player (except that it's free), however it is different in one way - son has no continuity. Son cannot be reset and if a son is retired, a user does not a get a replacement player in the same slot. Technically this makes son a one-time reward.

Creating a son:
- a user can have a son with his main player only and only when that main player is 30 years or older.
- there are 2 ways to have a son
>> adopting a son - can be done without any additional requirements. Adopted son inherits father's surname, but his first name is random. Adopted son also inherits one of father's double nationalities if a father has any.
>> have a son with a wife - a player must have a wife for this to be possible. Such sons inherit player's surname and user is allowed to choose his first name. This son can inherit mother's nationality as his double nationality and also inherit some adaptability to that country, depending on mother's intelligence.

Additional info:
- son and father can transfer money between them freely.
- technically it's possible to have multiple sons at the same time - first son with your first main player, second son with a second main player (the one you get as a replacement for retiring first main player), third son with third main player (the one you get after retiring second main player), but age gaps between multiple sons will be huge and basically only one of the sons will be 'good player' at a time.

Player retirement
Each player can only retire once he reaches the age of 32 years old (or older). This can be done at Character >> Retire Player. Of course a retired player cannot train, interact or play any longer for any other club or national team. However the player can still be used to control a team (as the main manager), in case the user account still has FS Fan.

Once a player retires, pretty much all the career information and stats are kept . In fact, a special page will be presented for retired players where you can find a detailed text information about the player career, called "Player Biography". Here you can see the player skills at the retirement, player achievements and some other infos.

There is also a reward for retiring a player. You must pick only one of the following:
- 6 months of FS Fan at your selection: either Silver, Gold or Bronze. However, if you already have FS Fan you must pick the same FS Fan type.
- If you have a paid second slot/player, you can renew it one year for free.
- 3300 FS Fan Coins.

There also are several "Hall of Fame" for retired players. These are the available types:
- Clubs’ Hall of Fame (managed by the club’s manager)
- National Teams’ Hall of Fame (managed by the Federation President)
- Footstar Hall of Fame (managed by the system)

Clearly there are some requirements to enter in Clubs/National Teams/Footstar Hall of Fame. Let us explain you now how it works:
- To enter in Clubs Hall of Fame you need at least 50 senior appearances or 50 goals for the main club. This means that a player can be eligible for more than one club’s Hall of Fame.
- To enter in National Teams Hall of Fame you need either 30 senior caps or 50 goals (U21 and U18 caps/goals are excluded).
- To enter in FootStar Hall of Fame, let us explain you how it’s calculated. Once a player retires a career score will be calculated. This depends mostly on the number of titles won by the player until the age of 38 years old. The title reputation is also very important as a World Cup title is more valuable than a first division title. Also, a first division title in a higher ranked league is more valuable than a title in a "smaller" league (leagues are ranked using the ITC country ranking). The first 20 players with the most score are placed in the FS Hall of Fame.

Final notes:
- Even if a player retires at another club, he and still be eligible for your club hall of fame if he meets the proper requirements.
- Once you retire a player you will get another one as a replacement. The new player will be a completely reset player. Sons don´t get a new player as a replacement.
- Player retirement must be done by the user himself. There are no automatic retirements.

Player reset
Any user will be able to start with a new player if their current player is a "free player". When you reset your player, you´ll lose all technical skills, mental skills, all your funds, all "new nationalities" and all player´s stats. Of course, if you´re coaching a team you don´t need to become free player. This exceptions works only for managers!
Each player can be reset once every 60 days.

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