Game Rules
3. Registration, activation and character selection

3.1 Registration
Your first step in FootStar will be creating your account. To do that you should follow the “sign up for FREE” link at the left of the main page. You can also sign up with Facebook by following the “Sign un with Facebook” link. Make sure you fully read our Terms of Service before proceeding to the registration page as you must accept them to register in the game.

In the registration page make sure you respect the following items: insert full and valid data on the required fields.. You should also only register on the country you currently live in. If you are living in France but register in Portugal, we’ll reject your registration.

After the registration you’ll be prompted with the player creation page. There you’ll see a player profile. If you don’t like the player name go to the “Player” tab at the top-right of the page and choose “Player creation”. That will give you another player profile. Repeat that until you find a player name that you like. After that you can start creating the player you want, by choosing a face that pleases you and select some preferences like position, side, favourite foot, residence city and personality.

Your player’s position and side can be change later by gaining experience playing in a specific position or training. For the player’s favourite foot, you can basically select left or right. As in real life, players often have a preferred foot to play; in FootStar is basically the same. We consider this choice as very important because you won’t be able to change it later in the game. However, you should know that, for example, if you select Left Foot, you’ll be able to play as a right midfielder without any problem, but you’ll be more prone to play on the left/center. You can check the Training section for further explanations on this if you are having problems in deciding what foot you’ll be selecting. The residence city is the city where your player was born (please refer to the Cities section of this manual). You can select the city you were born or the city that you like the most. Pretty simple. For you player’s personality you can choose a friendly or arrogant personality. This will have influence on your relation with other players (check the Player’s Relationships section). However you’ll be able to change it whenever you desire in your advanced options.

Also after the registration you’ll be put on the validation queue. This means that your registration must be approved by our staff. This usually takes 1 to 3 days. In either case (rejected or approved) you’ll receive an email warning about the status of your registration.

After the completion of the player/character selection, you’ll be put on the free transfer page and all your skills will be reset to 0. You’ll be able to start looking for a team and/or also to receive offers from human-controlled teams. You’ll find more details about this under Chapter #6. Also, all new players will start their careers at the age of 17.

When you finish creating your character/player you can finally start playing the game. But it won’t be possible to start playing games unless you have a team to play in.

3.2 Help and brief information
Another important first-thing-to-do is to take a look on the Help forums so you can learn from experienced users some other things that might be not covered on this manual. We recommend you to do a basic read up of all the threads on your country’s help forum.

It’s of course important to fully read this manual at least one time and consult it whenever you have any doubts about the game. Consider printing it for reference!

A good and very important advice is NOT to spend your money without first knowing what all options are used for.

Finally do not forget to set your individual training scheme after getting a team. But only do it after reading Chapter #6 and #8

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