Game Rules
18. Competitions for clubs

There are three competitions for Clubs: National Championship, National Cup and International Competitions (divided in Champions League, Cup Winners League and Continental League). There´s also a possibility to play friendly matches when a team is not participating in the national cup.

The number of divisions might differ from country to country. However each series has always the same number of teams, 8. The basic structure of the division system is the same for each country. Basically it´s a pyramidal format. The bigger the division is the more series it will have. The format is the following:
First Division - 1 series
Second Division - 2 series (B-1, B-2)
Third Division - 4 series (C-1, C-2, C-3, C-4)
Fourth Division - 8 series (D-1, D-2, D-3, ... D-8)

With this format, we´ll have on each series 2 teams being relegated directly to the division below (if not in the bottom division) and 1 being promoted to the division immediately above (if not in the top division already). 2 more promotions and relegations are regulated by play-off/out matches (more info in the next lines)

Each league round will be played on weekends, with friendly and cup matches on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Along with a 2 week off-season, this makes a season to last around 16 weeks.
Team positions within a series are ordered by (order of importance) points, goal average, scored goals and number of victories. If teams stay even after comparing all these items, a random factor will be applied.

When you´re promoted to a higher division you´ll gain a division bonus (for finishing 1st). Here you have the bonus list by division:
First division (National Champion):
1st place: €250000 ; 2nd place: €125000 ; 3rd place: €62500
Second division:
1st place: €200000 ; 2nd place: €100000 ; 3rd place: €50000
Third division:
1st place: €150000 ; 2nd place: €75000 ; 3rd place: €37500
Fourth division:
1st place: €100000 ; 2nd place: €50000 ; 3rd place: €25000
Fifth division:
1st place: €50000 ; 2nd place: €25000 ; 3rd place: €15000

There are also prizes for the following awards:
Top Scorer
First Division: €25000; Second Division: €20000; Third Division: €15000; Fourth Division: €10000; Fifth Division: €5000;

Top Assists
First Division: €25000; Second Division: €20000; Third Division: €15000; Fourth Division: €10000; Fifth Division: €5000;

Best Average-Rating
First Division: €12500; Second Division: €10000; Third Division: €7500; Fourth Division: €5000; Fifth Division: €2500;

Most MoM awards
First Division: €12500; Second Division: €10000; Third Division: €7500; Fourth Division: €5000; Fifth Division: €2500;

These individual prizes are split 50%/50% between the player and the team (even if any of them is bot).

B Teams can NEVER play in the same division of the Main Team. If, due to promotion/relegation, teams are put in the same division, the B Team will be relegated to the immediate lower division. If there are no divisions available, the B Team will be disbanded and all players placed in the main team.

Play off/out
These are the rules:
- The fifth placed teams in the top division are ordered by the standings’ rules in a specific ranking (ranking A);
- To this very same ranking, the sixth placed teams in the top division are added to the bottom of the ranking and ordered by the standings’ rules (ranking A);
- The second placed teams of the lower division are ordered in their own ranking (ranking B);
Playoff matches result from matching the best teams in Ranking A with the worst teams in Ranking B. From now on, you will find a link at the standing’s page to a page in which you will find specific playoff information for the division you have selected. These matches have similar attendances to league games. The income from this attendance will be split (50% for each team).
Playoffs are played in the weekend after the last league games.

Each country will have its own National Cup competition. Of course that the number of rounds the cup will have will depend on the number of teams a country has.
Another important thing to be mentioned is concerning cup gate receipts. 60% of the gate receipts of cup matches will be give to the home team and 40% to the away team. If we´re talking about the final, the receipts will be shared (50%/ 50%).

Cup matches are special matches. If the game is not settled after 90´ it will go on to extra-time. Then, if after the 120´ there is still a draw, a penalty shoot-out will take place to decide the winner. The winning team will move to the next round but there is a special rule about B Teams: they can take part in the national cup but cannot advance to the next round if they win a match, unless they face a bot or another B Team. In this case the B Team that wins the match will advance to next round.

As told before, cup matches are played mid-week on Wednesdays or Thursdays (depending on your country´s match schedule). A team cannot play a friendly and a cup match on the same week.

Cup matches are kinda looked like league matches in what concerns to experience and morale (regarding players). Players will get the same experience and morale bonus (or penalties in case of morale) as in league games. Match prizes are also given on cup matches.

The cup winner will be given a monetary prize of €400000. The runner-up will earn €200000.

There are three competitions per continent
(ITC from now on): the Champions League, the Cup Winners League and the Continental League.

ITC’s matches are normal matches with slight variations in experience gains and attendances. Players lose fitness and need to travel to the city where the match takes place. Experience gains will be somewhere in the middle between what league and national team matches award (more than league and less than national team matches). Attendances will be just a little higher than in league matches and therefore they’ll generate more income for the participants (only for the home team during the group stage, and split 50% in the knock-out stages). International competitions will take place on Fridays at 12:00 server time.

There is a ranking similar to the national teams ranking, called International club ranking. The position of a country in this ranking will define the number of teams from that country that qualify to the Continental League. Points are earned to this ranking through the results in the matches the team plays. If a team from China wins a ITC match the points generated by this victory will be awarded to China in the ranking. This ranking will also be used to seed teams in groups (teams from countries with better ranking will be placed higher in the group seeds).

Here are Infos of each competition:

Champions League
All the top league champions from all FS countries in the continent qualify to play in this competition.
The competition will have a group stage and a final knock-out stage. Teams will be split in groups of 6 teams, according to the ITC country rankings. There will be home and away matches during the group phase. The top eight teams from the group phase qualify to the quarter-finals (the first placed teams, plus the necessary best second placed in order to fill the number of teams necessary). The knock-out stage is played in one leg only and the draw is completely random. The prize for the winning team in this competition will be 500.000, and 250.000 for the runner-up.

Cup Winners League
Same rules as in the Champions League, except the teams taking place in this one will be the cup winners from all countries instead. In case the cup winner also won the top league, it will take part in the Champions League, and the other cup finalist will be qualified to the CWL instead. Prizes for the finalists will be: 200.000 for the winner and 100.000 for the runner-up.

Continental League
The rules for these competitions are a little different. Depending on the ITC ranking, each country can qualify up to 3 teams to this competition:
- The countries in higher third of the table qualify 3 teams;
- Those in the second third, qualify 2 teams.
- And finally, countries in the last third qualify 1 team only.

In the first phase, teams will be placed in groups of 6 teams (one round only). Then, 3 teams are qualified from each group to the following phase. In the second phase a similar group stage will be formed (with the teams that qualified from the first stage). Again, groups of 6, one round only. From this stage, eight teams will qualify to the quarter finals (the first placed teams plus the necessary best second placed to fill the number of teams). The knock-out stage is played in one leg only and the draw is random. The prize for the winning team will be 350.000, and 175.000 for the runner-up.

These competitions will last for 13 weeks (10 weeks for the group stages and 3 more for the quarter finals). The finals will be played on the "playoff" week, meaning that ITCs only start on the third week of the season (just before the 3rd national league round). Matches will be played on Fridays at 12:00 (server time).

Intercontinental Competitions
There is a Intercontinental title to be disputed between the three continental winners of the Champions League of the previous season. This will be a simple competition, in which the two teams from the continents with lowest (combined) ranking will play a semi-final in order to qualify to the final, where they will meet the team from the continent with the highest ranking. The winner will get no monetary prize, but instead fame & glory!

This competition will be played in the second week of the pre-season, on Wednesday (semi-finals) & Thursday (final).

Your team can play a friendly match once a week if it´s not set to play on the national cup. This kind of matches must be scheduled by a human manager though. So if you are playing on a bot, you can forget about playing any friendly matches.
B Teams can organize friendly matches vs Main Team or another B Team.
Friendly matches´ gate receipts will be shared between both clubs (50%/ 50%).

In these kind of matches, up to 11 (eleven) substitutions are allowed.
Also, in friendly matches you earn SAME experience as national championship´s matches and, more importantly, you don´t receive any morale penalties regarding your team role and performance during the match. However, you´ll receive match prizes.

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