Game Rules
13. Cities and Trips

Every country in FS, by default, has 3 different cities. On each city page you can see the weather forecast for next 3 days. There is also information about the Cities reputation, Teams from that City, players that are born there, players currently in the city and houses built in that city. Each city also has locations you can visit:
- City Hotel is the place where players are located after team trips for matches
- Transport Terminal – this is where you can buy tickets for personal trips i.e. trips without the rest of the team
- Beauty Salon – You can alter your facial appearance here (you can make your new look permanent using FS Coins)
- Shopping Mall –This is where you can buy a house, a car, a boat or even a plane as well as various other items
- Shops – This will give you a list of shops that you can buy match items in
- Player’s Agency – List of agencies in the City. You can use these agents to help you find a Club or help your Club find a player (agents fees may be involved)
Traveling within cities is automatic. Every time you open a locale page that locale becomes automatically your new location.

There is also a chance to create new cities in each Country! Every player can submit his application and try to collect "subscriptions" and funds in order to create it.
Each application has a fixed fee (25.000€) and after the application has been made, the federation president will review it and then accept or reject it.
If the application has been accepted, the application will then become public to everyone.
For a city to be created the following requisites must be accomplished:
- there must be at least 30 player requests to change their home city to the new one (only players from the same country than the city can make the request)
- players will have to donate a certain amount of money for the city to be created, the amount necessary is calculated by the formula: 2.500.000 + 500.000 * (nº of cities -3)

After the requisites have been fulfilled, the city will then be automatically created!
Players can only request a home city change once, after that they will become bound to that city. The home city change request will be available in the city page.

Not all teams are located in the same city, so if your team is playing a team from another city it is necessary to take trips to this City. Your team will automatically travel to these cities for the matches but you can also buy a plane ticket to fly by yourself.
Automatic travel is scheduled for all league, friendly and domestic cup matches and is scheduled the day before the match at 13.00h. Flights for NT matches are scheduled at 03.00h on Monday. For ITC matches it is 01.00h on Friday. Every flight takes place 1 hour after it is scheduled. Fitness loss incurred for automatic travel depends on if team has a bus or a plane and also if it the trip is within the same country or if the trip is to another country.
If you want to minimize or not have any fitness for travel then you should fly alone. You have to go to transport terminal in your current city and buy a plane ticket. You need to choose your destination, level of plane (which determines whether you lose fitness or not), date of the flight and time of flight and then click “buy ticket”. Every return trip is automatically booked with your team and won’t cause a fitness loss so there is no need to buy a return ticket unless you are travelling to a city for non match related purposes

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