Game Rules
4. User interface

The website navigation is divided in 3 sections. The top menu is the most use full panel, with links to many different main areas of the game. The right information panel shows you links and info from the page you currently are, and the Player Bar at the top has the info about the server you are playing on (time, date, visitors) and links to your players and the FS coin page. You also have a Direct Link Bar at the bottom of the page that you can customize and hide.

The first page after your login is the FS Wall Page. We call it the default page. You can move to this page either by using the top menu (clicking the house icon) or by clicking on the game´s logo at the top left of any page. In this page you´ll find lots of useful information: On the left side you’ll find information boxes with your player recent events, next events and game events, recently updated blogs and news. On the center you have the FS wall. There you can publish your recent events or any comment you want, and you can see what you friends have publish. You can also publish comments on other players and team walls. You can change your wall picture and other options on the “option” link at the top of the FS Wall.

On the right information panel you´ll often have the specific options of the page you´re visiting (always on top of other info boxes), your player information and your FS Wall friends (these friends are different that the interactions friends. Read the section “Players Relationships and Interactions” section): To add a player to your FS Wall friends list, just go to the player page and click the “add as friend” link.

The Direct Link Bar shows you links to important pages of the game. To customize the Direct Link Bar click the gear wheel icon and then “customization”.

The most important navigation area is of course the top menu. The top menu will be divided into main areas as: Player, Character, Team, Competitions, Community and Shop (You will see also Manager and Youth Team as option if you are managing a team).

The Player menu contains all the options you need to control your player´s life in FootStar. From the training options (set your training, follow your training evolution) to the Relationships page (check your interaction information and Team Spirit), along with: the contract page (to review the current terms of your contract, but also to negotiate a new contract with your manager), match orders (player´s individual orders, match options), location (check the City Details and Personal Trips), and finally the belongings page where you can check your stash (Match Items for the games) and your Items/goods (control the level of your lifestyle. Please refer to chapter 9 for more details on this).

The next menu is the Character menu. The menu is divided in Player Control (here you can see your players, choose which one to control and buy a slot for a new player), Team Control (if you´re managing a team, here you can see your Teams (main and B, if u have it) and choose which one to control), Manager Job Center (if you are a FS Fan and you don’t control a team, you can search for a team to control here), Manager Ranking (shows you the ranking of the best managers in the country) and Company (where you can create and manage your own company). The Manager Job Center, Manager Ranking and Company will only be visible if you’re a FS Fan (package that allows you to control a team among other features). In this menu, when you will have 32 yo (or more), you will see "retire player" option, in order to retire from football.

The Team menu has different options regarding your current team. The menu has Fixtures (contains your team fixtures for this season), Standings (your team division standings), Manager (shows the private chat between the team manager and the players), Team Facilities, Teammates, Team Forum (leads you to the Team Forum) and Hall of Fame (shows the retired players that have being inducted into the team Hall of Fame).

The Manager and Youth Team menus will only be visible if you´re a FS Fan and if you happen to be in control of a team or a national team. This 2 menus will have Fixtures, Players (info about your squad, contracts, team talks, etc), Transfers (sell and buy players, transfer list, bids page, transfer history, etc), Training (set your team training scheme, reports about the evolution of your players, take a look on your player´s training schemes), Team Facilities (start funding and manage B team and Gym) Hall of Fame, National Team (if you are the manager or assistant of a National Team), My tournament (in the Youth Team takes you to your team Youth league page) and Youth Team Options (takes you to a page where you can change several options for your Youth Team).

The Competitions menu contains links to the competitions your team and your player could play. From League, Playoffs (at the end of the season between the fifth and sixth teams from top division and the second places teams from lower division to determine which one will play in the top division next season), Cup, ITC (shows the different International Teams Competitions), National Teams and City Teams and, as last, PvP (For a better understanding of the PvP games, please read chapter 21).

The Community menu is a very important one. Our website is supposed to be like (or it was developed to be like) a community website involving a game. On this menu you can find the Hall of Fame link (players exalted to Hall of Fames from all over the world), your National Federation link (shows important information from your National Federation. Refer to the “National Team and National Federations” section of the manual), the search link (contains links to pages you can use to search for divisions, players, teams, users, games and clans), FS Toplist (application for making different kind of top lists of players and teams with different search filters), Clans (groups of FS fan users with their own private forum), Press (shows the different newspapers in FS. Read the “Player Relationships and Interactions” and “Companies and Agencies” sections) and last but not least the Forums link. On the Forums you can make contact with all the other users around the planet. You can seek for help or discuss your ideas about the game, make your suggestions to the administration team, and, of course, also discuss real life things or have a bit of fun on our Off-Topic forums

The last menu, Shop, contains links to pages where you can buy different FootStar products. The FS Fan link leads you to the page where you can buy one of the different kinds of FS fan available. Also shows the FS Coins and Free Offers links. The FS Coins allows you to not only buy FS Fan but also buy some other features like a second player and the Match Package (Match Viewer and Analyzer). The Free Offers link shows a page where you can complete multiple tasks and be rewarded FS Fan Days or Coins for free.

The last part of this Top Menu are the 4 icons on the right. The "House" (or Home Page) icon takes you to the FS wall or default page, the "Interactive news" icon shows you the people who have interacted you recently and the news from your wall and your friends´ walls. The "Gear Wheel" (or Options) Icon will lead you to a page with several links that you can use to change see and change your preferences, customize the page, check stats, mailbox, friends list, and also where you can contact us, check the Administration staff and see the Development Blog and News, among other things.

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