Game Rules
21. National Federations

There is a national federation for each country and each federation have a president that is to be elected by the national users.

The election of the president works like this:
- You can vote only concerning the federation of your country;
- You can only vote if your account is at least 1 season (112 days) old;
- You can vote in any national user that has come forward as a candidate, regardless of their FS Fan status;
- You cannot vote for yourself;
- Normal user votes will amount to one "election point", Silver user votes are worth 2 election points, and Gold 3 election points.

This difference in "election points" has some background reasons, of course. Gold users are normally the managers and they'll be the ones releasing their players to the national teams; they deserve to have more weight on the election. Silver users are normally the assistants and we believe the same advantage should be give to them. Besides, there's the fact that everyone who supports the game should have a stronger voice on the direction it takes, especially since national federations do really give any in-game advantage (other than a whole lot of extra work) - and users aren't able to vote for themselves.

Users, after the election starts, will need to officially state they're candidates so users can vote for them. The candidate with more points after the period of 7 days of election will win. If two users get the same amount of points, the older user wins.

The president of the National Federation is responsible for nominating all three National Team managers (main NT, U21 & U18) and all CTs' managers (NT, U21 and U18 of each city). He can name whoever he wants, of any nationality. For national teams there's additional requirement that a manager has to have a silver or gold FS Fan. President cannot nominate himself though and a user cannot be a president and a manager/assistant of any national or city team at the same time. The nominated user will still need to accept the proposal, of course. The president can also fire NT or CT managers at anytime he wishes.

Other presidential tasks include:
- He can create a national referendum for all managers in order to set a limit for foreign players in all teams of the country. If more than 50% of the managers vote yes on the proposal, the limitation will be imposed. If there aren't any human teams in the country, this referendum can't be created;
- He can set the number of years (seasons) a player needs to be playing in the country to get a double nationality (with a minimum limit of 2 seasons) and - he can allow (or not) the National Team to use players that were not born in the country (with double nationalities). This is subject to a national referendum concerning all users of a country. Both options are decided in the same referendum;
- He can allow loans or not. In case loans are allowed, set the max. number of players allowed to be loaned in per team (from 1 to 10). This is subject to a national referendum concerning all users of a country. Both options are decided in the same referendum;
- Allow (or not) foreign players to be loaned in. There are no restrictions for the number of players that can be loaned out. Only managers can vote on this election;
- He'll be able to choose the stadium used for NT/CT games: the national stadium;
- He can change the name of the first division of the country by creating a national referendum in which all users from the country can vote;
- He can change the name of the national federation, also subject to national referendum.
- He can set the national team kits.
- He can set the national URL, the federation logo and a lot of other minor options.
- He can send national announcements to the community.
- He can review application for new cities-creation and then accept or reject them;
- He can change cities' pictures for the newly created cities. This can be set at the page where team kits are set;
- He can nominate vice-presidents: these have all the options the president has except the ones requiring referendums, firing/nominating National Managers and voting for the World Cup site;
- National Presidents can assign cities to a Vice-President. This will give them all the same powers Presidents have when they are controlling cities’ options: appoint/fire managers, change team kits and city team stadium. This option can be set at the same page where city managers are appointed;
- He can manage Official U19 League Tournaments (more info in the next lines);
- He can make changes to the league structures (more info in the next lines);
- He can nominate up to four players as Journalists (more info in the next lines).
All presidents will decide, amongst them, who will host the World Cups (using an internal voting system);

National referendums are open for 7 days and can only be made once a month (for each type of referendum).

A president is elected permanently. There's only two ways to get him off the position. One is simple: if he quits. The other is through a "revolution".
A revolution works like this:
In every election, the president is elected with a certain number of votes. After he's elected, people can choose either to support the president or to support a revolution (on the federation page). If the number of "points" of users supporting a revolution is above the number of election points with which the current president was elected, a revolution takes place and a new election will be started. Revolution points are exactly the same as election points: normal users are worth 1 point, Silver 2 and finally Gold are worth 3 points.
During an election a president cannot use any of his powers. If the election was started because he resigned, nobody will be able to vote for him (he won't be able to set himself up as a candidate). In case of a revolution, he can take part as a candidate if he wishes to do so.

Official U19 League Tournaments
Presidents of the National Federations have the possibility of create an official U19 league structure for their country:
- Only domestic youth teams can participate in the U19 national league.
- The President can set the number of divisions the league will have. These leagues will have the same league structure as the normal club leagues have at the moment (8 teams per series). The only exception is that there won’t be playoffs. This means that on each series 2 teams will be promoted and 4 will be relegated.
- Two additional options can be set by Presidents as well: number of replacements each match can have and an entry fee for each division in the league (just like in regular tournaments). The entry fees are to be divided in the same way they are divided in tournaments. In divisions with more than one series, the award is split between all series.
- Once the President creates the U19 league system, youth team managers can immediately apply to the league. This can always be done during the season as the President will have the possibility of replacing teams. The only exception is if a team is playing a youth tournament: in this scenario it cannot apply to the official youth league tournament.
- As said Presidents can freely populate their league system with all the teams that have applied. The slots left empty will be filled with bot teams.
- There are some rules regarding the way teams are populated in the series. In order to add teams to a lower division, the President must always fill the previous division at half of its capacity.
- If once the matches are being generated, a division only contains bot teams, it’s automatically stopped. The only exceptions are for the first two divisions. Also if there are not enough bot teams in the country to fill the empty slots of one of its series, the creation of that division is stopped.
- Matches are automatically generated at the 11st day of each season. This means that the President has only until the 10th day of the season to create/make changes on the structure of the league.
- After the 11th day of the season the President will only have permission to change bot teams with human U19 teams. Until that day (starting on the 1st day) all types of swaps can be made.
- At the end of each season all promotions/relegations are made automatically. But due to the powers entitled to the Presidents they can eventually swap teams once the season starts. It will be up to the rules each President will set for their leagues.
- All U19 games (including tournaments) have the 60 minute rule for full exp.
- During the time the official youth leagues are stopped, the team training check for Youth Teams will be increased from 14 days to 21 days.
- There are achievements for players and cups for teams for all series winners.
- The President will be able to set the number of series for the last division of the structure. For example: If 3 divisions are selected, the President has the possibility to select if the last division (3rd) will have 1, 2, 3 or 4 series

Federation Journalists
Federation Presidents can nominate up to four players as Journalists for their own countries. This role give to those players the power to release community announcements that can cover all the events that happen during the week on their country or FS world (league matches, national team matches, etc). This can also be used to interview players, managers, etc. It’s now up to each journalist´s creativity and talent. Presidents can also fire them and nominate new ones if they feel that the current ones aren’t up to the expectations.

Presidents can nominate Journalists under Federation Page > Options. On the other side, journalists have a new option at the Federation Page where they’ll be able to release those announcements. They will be visible in the front page to all players that have the country subscribed. As we said in our previous announcement you can now comment and like/dislike those Journalist Announcements.

Changes to the League Structures
Federation Presidents can make changes to the league structures. All the changes they make will only take effect at the next season transition, if the rules of the system are respected at the time of the season change.

There are related info:
- Federation Presidents (FPs) are able to add & remove more divisions to the national league structure
- This can only be done/set before the new season starts and all the changes will be applied during the season change procedures.
- FPs can only remove an entire division. Due to the complexity of the current FS league structure (don´t forget playoffs) it´s not possible to allow a greater deal of flexibility.
- The only condition FPs have to remove a division is that the number of human teams in the division they want to remove must be available in the division immediately above. Example: if your D division has 5 human teams, there must be 5 bot teams in C. When we say bot, we say without a manager. Unprotected teams are not bot teams.
- In order to add a new division, the FP must have a 75% or more occupation rate in the country. This means that if a country has one division only, 6 or more human teams must exist. This means 18 human teams to create a C division, etc.
- All human teams in removed divisions will be automatically placed in available top divisions.

Federation Presidents can make the changes at the National Competitions federation option.

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